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Topic: DefaultRights / MinimumRights not working

I need to set write permissons for group on all created files and directories as I have multiple users (with same group) accessing a directory. So I set following options in the <Default> section which is the only section I have in my config file:

DefaultRights           0664 0775
MinimumRights        0664 0775

However newly created files still have 0644 and directories 0755. Am I missing some other options that should be set or is this a bug?
I installed mysecureshell_1.20_amd64.deb from the Ubuntu 9.04 download link but I am running Ubuntu 10.04 64 Bit. Besides of this problem it works fine so far.


edit. Had the chance to test on Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) and there it works fine, so it might be a problem with 10.04

Re: DefaultRights / MinimumRights not working


Yes it's a bug on MySecureShell 1.20 but it's fixed in the future release (no date yet) smile

Thanks for you report smile

Re: DefaultRights / MinimumRights not working

If there is a bug that renders minimum rights ineffective, how does one not leave it up to the user to set permissions for new files?  Specifically, I need a way to make new files executable for Apache.


Re: DefaultRights / MinimumRights not working


You can change permissions with your SFTP Client (WinSCP does it but for others, I don't know)  big_smile