1 fileSpec

by smunir362

2 Chrooted shell

by Emmenemoi

3 Disable df command

by sistemnyj

4 sftp and scp

by jehanzaib.kiani

5 Separate log files

by froniki

8 links are followed - centos 6.4

by briancanfixit

10 chroot

by andrey666

12 Nesting tags

by phil.sumner

13 serious bug

by hansharz3

14 Timestamps still in UTC

by stucky101

16 Hide all files

by hidefiles

19 Closed: Limit User Bandwith

by onezero1983

20 Closed: sftp + ssh

by onezero1983

21 Closed: Increase logging details?

by Donblad

22 Closed: GUI won't connect

by zygote

23 Closed: File upload notification

by cristobalaz

24 Closed: Change owner/group when upload

by tiagosoares

26 Closed: Change SFTP port

by Ideaxis

27 SFTP for root

by Korben

28 Closed: sftp_config options ignoring?

by Elkaz

30 Closed: How to restrict individual users

by wasanzy